At AMCS Facility Management Company we strive hard to ensure we offer the best experience to our clients and create an unmatchable service delivery for them. We understand and focus the following major pain areas of the clients.

  • High Attrition Rate
  • Timely Payments
  • Minimise absenteeism
  • Compliance Adherence
  • Effective Training
  • Robust Systems & Process


Managing facilities efficiently and effectively, AMCS has a robust strategy developed within the context of the organisation’s business plan and space/ accommodation strategy. This involves development of strategic objectives and a plan for the facilities management with proper reference to the overall business plan and space/ accommodation strategy within which it might be contained. AMCS strategizes considering following aspects at the time of association as a business partner.

  • Analyze needs of the organization, differentiating between core and non-core business activities;
  • Identify and establish effective and manageable processes for meeting those needs.
  • Establish appropriate resource needs for providing services, whether obtained internally or externally.
  • Identify the source of the means to finance the strategy and its practical implications.
  • Establish a budget covering short term needs and best value over the long term and recognize that management of information is key to providing a basis for effective control of facilities management.

AMCS believes in SSS methodology (Strategic Analysis, Solution Development & Strategy Implementation)


The aim of the analysis is to establish a thorough understanding of the present state of the organization’s real estate and facilities management. This means assembling all material facts including:

  • Organization’s objectives, needs and policies (from the business plan)
  • Physical assets and space utilization achieved (from the space/accommodation strategy)
  • Review of resources, processes and systems to provide a broad picture of the current provision of services
  • Cost analysis

Once information from the analysis stage has been assembled, a robust and structured approach to the interpretation of the information is adopted. It is essential that the interpretation of information derived from the analysis is open and allows new ideas and innovative solutions to be developed.

  • Generating options
  • Assembly of criteria for judging options
  • Evaluating options &
  • Selecting preferred option – Organization’s actual facilities management strategy.


The starting point for managing facilities is, as previously noted, the organization’s business plan and its real estate (or space/accommodation) strategy. These is kept up-to-date and used to determine the nature and level of services support. The Facilities Management Strategy reflects the organization’s business objectives, needs and policies, as well as practicalities, such as its current real estate in general and space in particular. This formal strategy includes descriptions of the approach to measuring how the business objectives and needs has to be met.

The selection of the approach through which service provision will take place is based on the ability of that approach to satisfy those attributes that an organization considers most important to its success. However, as the circumstances, which the organization is subjected to, are subject to change, the most appropriate option will be the one that can also accommodate change. Naturally, there will be advantages and disadvantages in providing services either in house or by outsourcing. Logicon recommends routes that provide best value for both parties in the long term. This is achieved by taking full account of the implications especially the true cost of all options.